Personal Statment

I was born in Baghdad on 6th of July 1975 and I spent most of my childhood in Baghdad. Due to unprecedented circumstances, my family and I left Iraq to live in several countries before finally settling in London in 1990.

The vast majority of my professional life has focussed around media organisations. My current position is within the world's biggest media company and the UK's largest publisher, IPC Media. This has given me a fundamental comprehension of the functions and operations of global media and communication companies. I have also been involved in the set-up of a daily newspaper and provided training in both the operational and production divisions. This project, honing my experience in the media sector and giving me great insight into global and political issues, is now in its 10th year
of production being printed in three countries circulating 550,000 copies daily. Further, I became adept to sourcing and collecting news and images, one of the many transferable skills gained through this experience. The constant exposure to news and media through my professional experience has inspired me to pursue a career within a political and communication context where such skills can be utilised.

I have also launched my website "" in 2006, which I feel will be the new breakthrough medium for many people to express themselves freely and directly to the rest of the world.
I believe that the diversity of academic, professional and cultural backgrounds that I have been exposed to, has lead to a creative and stimulating understanding of the media world. The prospect of working in the political aspect of media sectors has always appealed to me. It is an area, which fascinates me and is of particular interest as part of my future career aspirations.


It is no coincidence that I have spent the past 10 years within media organisations, and it is this deep passion for the field that gives me the motivation to further my professional experiences. My enthusiasm for the subject has brought me back to formal education in order to consolidate and elaborate on the knowledge of the concepts and theories in media and communication gained throughout my professional career, whilst building upon my fervent fascination in the field of politics, which, I hope, will prove to be an invaluable asset in today's dynamic world. This will also allow me to become equipped to apply this insight to work within the global media, political and communication sectors.
I believe that my vast range of extracurricular interests have also gained me qualities vital to these industries. These interests include travel and reading- historical and political texts in particular, as well as materials concerning current affairs. I also have an avid interest in languages speaking both Arabic and Persian fluently as well as having a working knowledge of Kurdish. These linguistic skills have been an invaluable tool in deepening my expertise in Middle-Eastern publications, leading me to set up a publishing company in the hub of the Arab world's media sector in Lebanon.

Voluntary work

I have also been involved in voluntary work with non-governmental organisations, more specifically promoting sport as an outlet to people in countries in turmoil such as Iraq as well as aiding in numerous fundraising schemes.
My interest in global politics took me back to my hometown of Baghdad, Iraq- an area of great political instability. Here I undertook some training in diplomacy including some rigorous testing. Unfortunately, this training was cut short owing to security issues, but the general involvement nevertheless compounded my inquisitiveness in this area spurring me on to pursue my further education in politics, citizenship and democracy in anticipation of further incorporating this aspect into my future professional life.

Education and qualifications

* City of Westminster College “Paddington Green” 1992 - 1994 BTEC National Diploma In Electronics and Computing.
* Westminster University “ Harrow on the Hill” 1994-1996 HND in Information System.
* Westminster University “ Harrow on the Hill” 1996-1997 BSc In Artificial Intelligence.
* Apple Service Engineer .
* Microsoft Certified Professional. (Y2K)
* Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices. (CCNA) *Designing Cisco Networks. (CCDA)
Current Education
* London Metropolitan University “Sep 2007” MA Digital Media


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